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Selected publications

  • E.Janvresse, A.A.Prikhod'ko, T. De la Rue, V.V.Ryzhikov. Weak limits of powers of Chacon transformation. ArXiv:1301.2904
  • A.A.Prikhod'ko. On flat trigonometric sums and ergodic flow with simple Lebesgue spectrum. To appear in Sb. Matem. (2012). (In Russian) (In English)
  • E.H. El Abdalaoui, F.Parreau, A.A.Prikhod'ko. A new class of Ornstein transformations with singular spectrum. Ann. Inst. Henri Poincare, Probab. Stat. 42, No.6, 671--681 (2006). (In English)
  • A.A.Prikhod'ko. Stochastic constructions of rank one flows. Sb. Matem., 192(12) (2001), 1799-1828. (In English)
  • A.A.Prikhod'ko, V.V.Ryzhikov. Disjointness of the convolutions for Chacon's automorphism. Colloq. Math., 84/85 (1) (2000), 67–74. (In English)
  • A.A.Prikhod'ko. Ergodic Joinings of GL(n,Z)-Action on n-Torus. J. Dynam. Control Systems, vol.5 (1999), no.3, 385-396. (In English)
  • A.A.Prikhod'ko, A.V.Egorov. Arithmetic theory of brick tilings. Sb. Matem., 189(12) (1998), 1765-1794. (In Russian)
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